Weather Alerts and Tips

Weather Reminder is the world’s first mobile app that helps users to plan their activities based on weather conditions

Schedule the Weather!

  • Define weather conditions to check

  • View and manage running Checks

  • Schedule and execute your plans


  • Weather Сhecks
    Сheck is a set of defined weather conditions and times to notify you of

  • Activities Tips
    Get tips and advice on activities for various weather from the Template names

  • Alerts
    Receive a PUSH notification when the Weather Check matches your predefined weather criteria

  • Plan the date
    When the Check matches your criteria, sync the date with Calendar or Reminders

  • Create Weather Checks to find the conditions you’re interested in (Will it rain? Will it snow? Will it be stormy?...)
  • Use Templates to give you useful tips (Wash your car, Play football, Use sunscreen, Fly a kite, Take an umbrella...)
  • Get timely weather alerts
  • Add tasks and events to Calendar or Reminders
  • Current weather conditions
  • Accurate 10-day and 24-hour weather forecast worldwide from Weather Underground
  • Min. and max. temperature, humidity, atmospheric pressure, UV-index, wind speed and direction for every day
  • Fahrenheit/Celsius; hPa/mmHg; km/h, m/s, feet/s, miles/h
  • Select a specific day and hour to see extended meteo data

Has the weather ever ruined your plans?

Have you ever:

  • sent your kids out in the wrong clothes for the weather?
  • put summer tires on right before the snow starts?
  • gone out in light clothes on a cold day?
  • been upset when your child couldn’t slide down the ice slide?
  • taken your umbrella out on a clear day?
  • washed your car right before it rains?
  • tried flying a kite when there’s no wind?
  • planned a picnic in stormy weather?
  • With Weather Reminder you’ll never allow the weather to spoil your life!



  1. What is a Check?
    A Check is the event or activity that you'd like to monitor the weather for. It can be a repeating activity, like your morning commute (need an umbrella?). It can also be a specific event, like a picnic on Sunday (need sunscreen?). You can selected the weather conditions you want to be notified of for the Check, or choose a set of conditions from one of the ready-made Templates.

  2. What are the Weather Icons and how to use them?
    The Weather Icons offer a quick way to choose three sets of weather conditions you'd like to monitor for your Check (sun, rain, and snow).

  3. Does the application work without an internet connection?
    Some functions are not available, including updating weather data, adding locations, and running Checks of weather conditions. You can view the last stored information according to the forecast, as well as create and edit Checks without an internet connection. Checks that are created or edited without internet will not update with weather until your device has access to data service.

  4. How to update data in the Application?
    Pull down the Weather screen.

  5. What is your weather data provider?
    Weather Underground.

  6. Can I edit Templates?
    You can change parameters loaded from the Template and save this as a new Check. You cannot change the Templates themselves.

  7. I set some weather parameters and atmospheric conditions. How do they work?
    For weather parameters, the Check will work if all selected weather parameters (humidity, temperature, windspeed) match with the weather forecast.
    For atmospheric conditions, the Check will work if it coincides with the weather forecast for at least one of the selected conditions (sunny, no rain, no snow and their opposites).

  8. What does "Never" in the "Perform" field mean?
    The Check will appear in the "Running" list of Checks, and you can modify it later. This lets you create a Check to activate in the future.

  9. How do I know that the conditions chosen by me worked?
    Weather Check lets notifies you of triggered Checks in two ways. On installation, the app asks for permission to send PUSH notifications. If permission is granted, then the triggered reminders will be made by way of PUSH notifications. If you deny PUSH notifications when you install the app, then the app will display triggered reminders on its own notification system: "Your have a matched Check!" PUSH notification can be enabled or disabled in the system phone settings on the "Notifications" tab.

  10. How can I delete the Check?
    Swipe from right to left on the Check.

  11. What does the text in the bottom of the "New Check" mean?
    This text displays the result of your Check's settings. It is generated in the process of selecting and changing the various options for your Check.

  12. Can I edit the previously specified Check?
    Yes. You can change all the conditions and parameters of an existing Check.